Semi-automatic veneer

◆ The paper can be stacked 1.5 meters high at one time, the paper pile automatically rises in the process of paper feeding, making paper feeding easier and more efficient. ◆ The bottom of the suction automatic feeding, according to the manual feeding paper speed, automatic continuous tracking. ◆ New concept before the specified position, high positioning accuracy, the backing paper never ahead; The advance amount of tissue paper can be adjusted. ◆The whole machine adopts touch screen /PLC control system, the circuit system runs steadily, and can automatically display fault alarm. ◆Automatic glue supplement system, which can automatically supplement the lost amount of glue in the laminating process, and cooperate with the recycling of glue. Avoid glue wastage. ◆ Measure roller line speed scientific design, to ensure that the amount of glue evenly, avoid high speed running rubber. Single side adjustment of worm gear and worm is adopted to adjust the pressure of each pressing roller, which is convenient and fast. ◆ Clean the water source with an independent water tank to control the water circulation, at the same time clean the rubber roller, rubber roller, recovery tank. ◆ Applicable to 175g-500g color printing paper and A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated paper mounting, 175g-500g color printing paper and gray paperboard mounting.